Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

I have never regarded nuclear radiation or nuclear power as anything other than a normal and inevitable part of the environment. Our prokaryotic forebears evolved on a planet-sized lump of fallout from a star-sized nuclear explosion, a supernova that synthesised the elements that go to make our planet and ourselves. <James Lovelock>

Nuclear energy

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  1. Idaho National Laboratory test reactor is pivotal in US nuclear power strategy  Idaho State Journal

    A nuclear test reactor that can melt uranium fuel rods in seconds is running again after a nearly quarter-century shutdown as U.S. officials try to revamp a fading...

  2. China’s losing its taste for nuclear power. That’s bad news.  MIT Technology Review

    Once nuclear's strongest booster, China is growing wary about its cost and safety.

  3. Meet the engineering professor who got Taiwanese voters to support nuclear power  Science Magazine

    TAIPEI—Taiwanese voters have rejected the island's policy to phase out nuclear energy. In a referendum held on Saturday, 59% of voters supported overturning...

  4. Should We Subsidize Nuclear Power to Fight Climate Change?  Scientific American

    Last month, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) put out a report entitled The Nuclear Power Dilemma: Declining Profits, Plant Closures, and the Threat of...

  5. Voters Back Nuclear Power, Phaseout by 2025 Nixed  POWER magazine

    Taiwan's electorate voted to abolish a stipulation in the country's Electricity Act that would have ceased all nuclear power plant operations by 2025.


Nuklearna energija: zlo, spas ili?

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